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Cable testing is one of the most important aspects of network cabling  installation, whether fitting new cable or repairing existing faults.
While there are already a number of common tests for data cabling, including length, wiremap, attenuation, NEXT, DC loop resistance and return loss, network installation is an evolutionary industry, with new systems and the cabling infrastructures needed to support them continually being developed. From 10BASE-T to 1000BASE-T and the latest 10GBASE-T systems
Every job has its own demands and difficulties and for this reason it is imperative that the professionals who install, test, troubleshoot and certify both copper and fibre cabling understand and adhere to the latest guidelines created for these technologies, ensuring that they deliver the optimal transmission capability required for the user’s data communications.
West Installations use either the Fluke DTX1800 or the Wirescope PRO to test all copper cabling installed and maintaned. We are able to provide full results to each client once testing is completed. Results will show a full break-down of each cable givig a plain view of the results.