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Data Erasure:
We at West Installations like to offer all of our clients the very best in services and this is one of the newest service we offer.
We will collect your hard disks or tapes from site or you can arrange delivery of these items to us for a full data erasure service. We use the very best in software to wipe all traces of data held on any type of hard disk or tape.
We also offer a mobile data erasure service which means that we can come to your site and erase PC's, laptops and servers whilst all of your assets stay on site with no need to move them.
The software we use is made by BLANCCO. This is government approved ans is CESG Certified. We can provided full certification of all wiped disks for your records.
Asset Management:
We also provide a full asset management service from auditing the items to resell.
We can collect all of your redundant/broken or unused ICT/Electrical equipment and we will asses its condition and where or not it can be resold. All items not fit for resale will be recycled to WEEE standards at no additional cost to you.
We have a long list of clients who buy used ICT equipment which means you should see a quick turn around on all those unused items laying in a store cupboard. We not only provide a high quality service but also help in keeping costs down for storing the unused items of even paying for disposal .
West Installations could be the most valuable asset you have for your company and help to generate an income from unused items but also keep those costs down.